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  • Creditor Protection Insurance attached to consumer loans, auto loans, personal loans, credit cards and mortgages: It protects the borrower against the risk of death, disability and/or unemployment.
  • Payment Instruments Protection for Debit & Credit Cards: Insurance covering credit cards, mobile phones and personal items against theft, fraudulent use, as well as purchased goods in certain conditions.
  • Bill protection, Shopping basket or Income protection: Insurance to protect regular budget expenses or personal income.
  • Personal Accident;
  • Personal Possesion Protection: Insurance covering mobile devices - cell phones, tablets, navigations, etc in case of theft or accidental loss or accidental damage.
  • GAP Insurance: « Guaranteed Automobile Protection is a protection against financial loss in case of total destruction or theft of a new or used car. GAP covers or reduces the difference between automobile replacement cost or auto loan and lease outstanding balance and indemnity paid by the auto insurance company.
  • Extended Warranty for Brown and White goods: comes into effect at the end of the manufacturer warranty period to provide fault repair cover.
  • Health products (hospitalization, medical expenses, critical illness, surgery, convalescence);
  • Accidents cover (hospitalization, accidental death or disability, surgery, fractures).

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