Claims settelment

General information

In case an insured event occurs, the insured person (or the insured person's heirs) has the obligation to inform the insurance company as soon as possible and to deliver all the documents requested by the insurer.

To be proactive regarding the questions linked to necessary documents in case of a claim, please consult the full list with the documents necessary for claim settlement here:

For more information regarding the insurance indemnity, we recommend you to read the policy terms and conditions. In case you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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Procedure in case of complaints and litigations

Any complaint sent by the Insured Person / his/her legal heirs / his/her representatives as the case may be, regarding the interpretation and the execution of the Insurance Contract will be solved amiably, by submitting a written complaint to the Insurer's registered office. This complaint will be analysed by the Customer Service Department within maximum 10 working days since the date of its receipt, after which, a written, punctual and justified answer will be sent to the person who submitted the complaint. This does not affect the right to appeal to the Entity for the Alternative Solution of Litigations in the financial non-banking area (, the National Authority for the Consumer's Protection, the Financial Supervisory Authority or the right to address the competent court authorities.