BNP Paribas Cardif Romania Cookies Policy

We are delighted that you have accessed our website and your interest in BNP Paribas Cardif Romania. The protection and security of personal data of our customers and users is highly importance for us. For this reason, we have designed our website and our business processes in such way that few as possible data is collected or processed.

When you access our web page, we usually do not collect your personal data. The following
data are stored standardly, on the web server, if this is allowed by your browser:

   • your IP address

   • your internet provider

   • information regarding your browser, location and equipment

   • the internet page from which you access our site

   • the pages you access on our site

   • the interactions you make, as well as date and duration of access.

This information is analysed by us for statistical purposes, in order to adapt our offer on the
internet to the needs of our visitors. Additionally, these data are used in order to sanction the
attempts to abuse. An association of this information with other data sources will be
performed in this case only for prosecution.

If you want to read more information regarding cookies, please read our "Confidentiality statement".